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GRISTLE & BONE Re-Release Week!

Hungry for MoreWell, Horror Fans and General Weirdos, the Forsaken repub of Gristle & Bone comes out this Friday the 17th, and big things are underway for the “launch.” Namely, some interviews, reviews, and (eventually) BIG giveaways.

Here’s the latest in NEWS/REVIEWS/INTERVIEWS:

Ken Preston’s (author of Joe CoffinREVIEW at Dirge Magazine

Chris Hall’s REVIEW at DLS Reviews

Kit Power’s (author of Lifeline) REVIEW at The Ginger Nuts of Horror

Nev Murray’s INTERVIEW (Pt. 1) INTERVIEW (Pt. 2) with me, and his REVIEW at Confessions of a Reviewer


If you’re hungry for more, JOIN The Fold to get the PASSWORD for The Secret Room, where you can read the new meat-and-gravy, Forsaken edition of GRISTLE & BONE absolutely FREE!

MUCH MORE TO FOLLOW, so keep an eye out! And as always, KEEP IT CREEPY!